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BattleCity was the first multiplayer online game I ever played. The original BattleCity by CodeHammer was taken down in 1998. The source code was never released but the administrative team stated they would not stand in the way of anybody recreating it.

With CodeHammer's release of the rights toward BattleCity, CodeMallet's BattleCity was coded completely from scratch in C++ using the original BattleCity artwork, sounds and music. It was released in February of 2005 and was ran actively by CodeMallet for a couple of years. In 2007 I begin the Spark project and turned BattleCity over to loyal and long time community leader Weebo.


In BattleCity, players compete to defend their own city and destroy enemy cities. Players can rank up by earning points from attacking and defending. Each city has a mayor who builds the buildings in the city and defends. Three additional commandos may join a mayor's city providing offensive/support roles. Factories built by the mayor will produce the following items to use for offense/defense:

Items available in BattleCity
Item Pic Description
First weapon--Arms your tank with a laser that will damage players and buildings
Cougar Missile
Secondary weapon--Arms your tank with rockets. Does much more damage than lasers.
Time Bomb
Destroy enemy buildings within blast radius
Land Mine
Invisible to enemy players--deals a huge amount of damage when ran over
The Orb
Most powerful weapon in the game--Destroys entire city when dropped on the city's capital--Only one available per city
Walkie Talkie
Allows you to communicate with your teammates across great distances
Generates a field that temporarily disables enemy tanks--Invisible to enemies, activates when hit
Regular turret--automatically fires at enemies
Plasma Turret
Turret with extra high damage plasma shots
Sleeper Turret
Invisible to enemies until they are in range
Strong wall that takes multiple enemy shots to destroy
Restores health to full

Current Status

There are no live BattleCity servers running at this time. The game's forums and source code can be downloaded at the community site at